You want film-like fidelity from your home theater or media room, and we have the expertise and the products to deliver it.

A projection system that is not set up properly will give you the feeling of watching TV in your living room, not the big-screen cinematic experience you’re looking for. Our video installation designs work because they are custom to our clients’ rooms, viewing habits, and preferred seating distance. We calculate optimal screen size, screen type, projector light output, and amount of light reflected by screen. We use sophisticated hardware and software to color calibrate our projectors. The result is a captivating picture and an immersive viewing experience.

In addition to high-end design, we can also offer the best products in video projection. Some brands truly are better than others, and our manufacturers are carefully vetted for high quality performance. For example, not all video screens are the same just because they are white.  A well-designed screen will properly amplify and reflect light as well as absorb stray light, all factors that determine video fidelity.  If the screen does not have good fidelity it does not matter how good the projector is. These are just a few of the facts we make sure our clients understand before they make decisions about their home theater systems.   

Custom fit, high quality products, and depth of knowledge. That’s what you get when you trust your video projection system to Hi-End Theater and Audio.