Our goal in acoustic treatments is to craft listening spaces that our clients will be happy in for years to come.

We have extensive training and over fifteen years of practical experience in residential acoustics. In all of our designs, we address the acoustics of the room first, utilizing computer aided design (CAD) to help us determine the best positioning of acoustic panels and traps. After acoustics are installed, we confirm our designs by listening to music and film in the space, making final adjustments with our ears. Most of our competitors think of acoustic design as installing fiberglass panels – yet, this does little in the way of enhancing acoustics and can actually make the sound in a room too flat. Our strategic placement of specific acoustic treatments improve sound detail, dynamics, and naturalness without over-deadening the sound.  We are also mindful of the aesthetics of our acoustic design.  Our team of acoustic and interior designers work together to make sure your acoustic treatments look beautiful in your media rooms and that they match the overall interior design of your home.

As with all our areas of expertise, we utilize products from multiple vendors based on the specific needs of your home. With our properly designed and installed acoustic treatments, you can achieve high fidelity home audio and home cinema.