Our expert acoustic designers and engineers can provide acoustic treatments to improve surround sound in any room. No two home theaters or entertainment rooms are the exact shape and size. The same is true for living rooms or home offices. And yet the dimensions of a room help to determine the quality of its acoustics. This is why one-size-fits all “black box” style products won’t work for your home. What you need instead is an installer who understands how to expertly adjust acoustics to your home’s unique specifications. The secret that many dealers will not tell you is that a room with good acoustics will make an average system sound good, but a room with poor acoustics can make a state-of-the-art system sound average. You don’t want average sound quality out of your new audio equipment, you want sound that is big but well-balanced, crisp but relaxing – music the way it’s supposed to sound. Hi-End Audio knows how to achieve that. Call us for an acoustic treatment and hear the difference for yourself.