Grimm AudioGrimm Audio was founded in 2004 and is based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Our initial aim was to combine the mastery of the greatest minds of audio experts, and continue to do so today. All Grimm Audio products carry the joined insight of well known scientists in the fields of audio electronics, acoustics and physics, fused with an intuition build on the experience of many years of focussed listening, professional engineering and audiophile enthusiasm. The early days of Grimm Audio focused on professional audio products and solutions to improved the quality of the equipment responsible for capturing the intent and emotion of the musicians in the studio. One product in particular, the LS1 active loudspeaker playback system, so popular as a professional monitoring tool, quickly became an object of desire for consumers seeking the ultimate in transparency, detail and dynamics not typically found in compact domestic use loudspeakers, Due to the LS1’s success within audiophile community, in 2019, the company introduced a digital network player as a source for the LS1, the MU1. Since then that very system has been critically acclaimed as “one of he world’s best complete audio systems”. And as a stand alone component for use in any home audio system, the MU1 has earned the reputation as a reference source component delivering unprecedented musicality, naturalness, flow and ease to digital streams and files. Today Grimm Audio continues to strive to achieve perfection in digital music reproduction in accordance to their motto - “Driven to Improve”.