In the late 1990s, HRS Founder Michael Latvis was looking for a high-quality audio stand but couldn’t find one that adequately addressed the issue of sound vibration and noise control. Rather than settle for less than the best, the senior level aerospace engineer built one of his own. That’s when his work as an engineer combined with his audiophile passions to create Harmonic Resolution Systems, now well known for its high-performance noise reduction components and systems.

Based in Buffalo, New York, HRS dominates the industry in high-performance audio stands and noise reduction. Rather than use a “one-size-fits-all” approach, HRS provides listeners with a unique toolkit that’s applicable to thousands of components, making their products both highly refined and highly versatile. Latvis aims to “push the boundaries of quality in every respect,” and HRS truly hits this mark. Find HRS Nimbus Feet, Vortex Feet, Gapping Plates, and SXR Audio Stands on the Hi-End Theater & Audio showroom floor.