Getting the most out of your home theater speakers is equal parts science and art.  

Correct speaker positioning is paramount to first-rate performance. Equally important to the performance of your stereo system is careful system matching (or, matching the right speakers to the right electronics and cables). Most of our competitors either don’t know the importance of speaker positioning and system matching, or they don’t have the skills and training to do it correctly. At Hi-End Theater and Audio, we are known for installation and calibration skills that maximize performance. We always use the right speaker design for the right application, and we install it to the specifications of your unique space, so that the sound is as detailed and powerful as it should be. Modern speakers are worth their asking price, but why spend any money at all on speakers when you can’t get them to perform at their full capacity? When you buy from a local audio specialist who has expertise in correctly installing your speakers, you get system synergy for free – artful positioning of your new speakers plus the science of correct calibration.

For the best sound, trust a dealer like Hi-End Theater and Audio who has the passion and commitment to help you maximize the performance of your home theater speakers.