From the simple to the complex, we can do it all when it comes to stereo systems. First, we only select vendors who are as passionate about making their products as we are about installing and calibrating them. We love spinning records on a turntable, and we love it when customers visit our showroom and bring their favorite records for a personal demonstration. When our patrons hear their favorite piece of music on a finely made stereo system for the first time, it is a truly emotional experience. That’s because a system that is well engineered by people who are passionate about music and film is unique in its ability to communicate the emotion of the artist or director. We can bring that kind of quality into your home.

We make it a priority to ensure audio and video are properly designed, installed, and calibrated by our team of talented designers and technicians. We specialize in improving power from the wall, adjusting room acoustics and speaker positioning, installing anti-resonance products, and using exotic cables – all to squeeze every note possible from a stereo system. We’re all about high performance. Trust us, you never knew a stereo system in your own home could sound this good!