A U.S. company based in Sunnyvale, California, Kaleidescape was launched in 2001 by Michael Malcolm and Cheena Srinivasan. Kaleidescape is a pioneer in the storage of DVDs, Blu Rays, and CDs on computer servers for the purpose of streaming movies and music to multiple audio video systems in the home. Kaleidescape is the first online store to allow users to download full Blu Ray resolution with the blessing of major Hollywood studios like 20th Century Fox and Lionsgate. Their exclusive and unanimous support from Hollywood gives them user reliability that competing companies cannot claim. Kaleidescape's graphic user interface organizes movies and music in intuitive ways - no more messy stacks of discs or fumbling around looking for a movie to watch! Instead, you can rip your own media on discs or download current movies to Kaleidoscope’s server and stream them anywhere in your home. Kaleidescape’s founding goal was to allow their customers to truly escape into the world of film. So, make sure you have hot popcorn ready – with Kaleidescape, you can enjoy your favorite movies anywhere, anytime with just the touch of your finger.