What Home Audio Speaker is the Best for Me? How to Audition Speakers!

The best advice is to never buy speakers based solely on a review without having an opportunity to listen to them first.  Online reviews should only be used as a general guide on what brands and models to consider but should not be the primary source in making a buying decision. Why? We are not privy to the relationship of the reviewer with the speaker company that they are reviewing.  ..

Does a turntable sound better than a digital source?

So you have done your thorough research and ready to click the "buy" button on your computer and anxiously wait for your awesome sounding "factory set up" turntable to arrive at your front door. Not so fast because that dream turntable arriving at your front door may not sound any better than your nice digital source that you are currently using. ..

Revolutionize Your Home Theater Experience with a Laser Projector

New laser based projectors are revolutionizing TV screen size due to their ultra-high brightness and their ability to produce stunning pictures, even with lights on and windows nearby and with lights completely off. What does this mean for you? You can customize the exact screen size as big as you want for your space and not be limited to standard flat panel TV's relatively small screen sizes. Even an 80" TV is not big enough for the same cinematic of a commercial movie theater. ..