MagicoIn 1994, more than a decade before Alon Wolf founded Magico, he set out to build the perfect speaker system. After studying other competitive brands, Alon went to his own drawing board. His ideas, based on pure science, mathematics, and physics, resulted in superior transducers and enclosures that reveal the powerful presence of live music — the perfect blend of science and art. After more than a decade building speakers, Magico’s singular goal remains the same: to amplify the possibilities for contemporary loudspeaker design. Each Magico speaker is designed against the ultimate benchmark for perfect audio reproduction — live music.

Each Magico loudspeaker is crafted with the utmost care and the finest materials. Each expertly designed speaker enclosure is formed of pure T6 6061 aluminum and carbon fiber. After assembly, every speaker is meticulously tested by trained craftsmen, technicians, and machinists on the company’s 30,000 square foot state-of-the-art campus in Haywood, California. If you’re looking for fast, tight, transient dynamics in a speaker, Magico will deliver the magic.