Headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, Acoustic Sciences Corporation was founded in 1984 by Art Noxon, the current President and Director of Engineering. Through dedicated research, Acoustic Sciences Corporation produces innovative room acoustic products to improve hi-fi stereo and surround sound; they also create products and constructions methods to address the intense pressures caused by powerful audio systems.

Among other innovations, Acoustic Sciences Corporation has created the patented TubeTrap, an acoustic bass trap and treble diffuser, and the industry’s first structural acoustic isolation system, WallDamp. WallDamp improves sound quality by reducing the transmission of vibrations in the room. TubeTrap makes bass more defined and powerful while also improving naturalness in midrange and treble. All of Acoustic Science Corporation’s products are unique in that they improve sound quality without sucking the life out of the music or sound track.

Through innovation and research, Acoustic Sciences Corporation has essentially created today’s home acoustics industry.