Details Founded in 1946 as The Scale Model Equipment Company, SME grew from scale model engineering to precision engineering for aeronautics, the medical field, and eventually, through the innovation of founder Alastair Robertson-Aikman—audio. In 1959, Robertson-Aikman developed and built his own tonearm. The precision pick-up arm achieved such remarkable sound that SME began to produce it commercially, eventually changing the company’s name to SME Limited.

That single feat of engineering in 1959 has since grown into a highly revered analog company. Originally known for their tonearms, SME is also the top turntable manufacturer in the world, creator of the SME Model 12 and other precision turntables. What sets SME apart? The completeness of their engineering matched with unparalleled, atmospheric sound. You can truly hear the 75+ years of excellence in each SME machine.