Founded by Jorge Castro, Artnovion Acoustics is a company driven by passion — for acoustics, for performance, and for providing an amazing customer service experience. Their everyday mission is to drive innovation and to engineer superior acoustics. They believe that simple is better and, as such, take every aspect of product optimization seriously, from production to packing and shipping to performance. Their engineers and craftsmen are committed both to creating quality sound systems and to educating their customers about the quality and components of the products.

Artnovion combines the tradition of European design with the best of 21st-century technology. They can acoustically map your entire listening area and then interpret that data into a blueprint for your beautifully designed theater. And Artnovion panels truly are beautiful. Available in over thirty colors, their unique designs create isolated air cavities that provide optimal acoustic performance. Essentially, Artnovion makes it easy to enhance the acoustics of any space, and to do it with style. Like the music and films playing in your home theater, Artnovion panels are works of art.