Performers and musicians always go through an audition process before they are recognized for their work. The same is true for the cables and power conditioners (surge suppressors) that will carry the music from your electronics to your speakers.  These days, there is a proliferation of wireless technology that pollutes our airwaves with a tremendous amount of noise. High quality cables and power conditioners can keep this electrical grid noise out of your audio video system, producing a more natural sound in audio and more saturated color in video.

When you audition cables and power conditioners for your own audio system, here’s what you should look for look for:

Detail and resolution: Are you hearing things you have never heard before in recordings that you are familiar with?

Naturalism: Do instruments and vocals sound like the performers are in the room with you?

Emotional involvement: Does the sound make you want to keep listening?

Most customers don’t go through this auditioning process because they think of cables and power conditioners only as accessories, when in fact they dramatically improve the performance of audio video systems. When we audition cables, we listen critically and watch they perform in different combinations with our electronics. This helps us determine whether the cables and power conditioners are worth their asking price and if they can achieve optimal system synergy. We don’t want you to have to think about the specific geometry of cables and power conditioners or how effective they are in noise shielding. We think through every cable for you, down to its specific length. 

Tell us what performance parameters are important to you and we will select the right cable and power conditioner to achieve those goals. We let our cables and power conditioners sell themselves by providing an in-home audition. You’ll want to keep the cabling and power conditioning we’ve selected once you hear the startling improvements in the performance of your audio video system.