Ron Sutherland has been engineering elegant, precision-tuned pre-amplifiers for thirty years. Engineered and manufactured in Kansas City, Missouri, his pre-amplifiers are known for standing the test of time, and the company itself is known for true dedication to customer satisfaction. In these products, passion for design and engineering prowess combine to create the best sound possible for music aficionados.

Ron Sutherland’s design philosophy, and the philosophy behind the Sutherland Engineering brand, is a truly disciplined approach that refines design down to the essential elements – and then carries out that design with precision. Just look at the circuit boards on any Sutherland pre-amplifier, and you’ll see the smart, symmetrical design behind each product. The Sutherland philosophy is, in short, perfection through simplicity. In Sutherland’s words, “nothing extra will be allowed between you and the music.”

This brand’s solid reputation can certainly be attributed to pure sound and beautiful design, yet it can also be attributed to the artisanal aspect of their engineering process. There is a real person behind this brand – an engineer who genuinely cares about handing off each product in as disciplined and clean a form as possible. This type of engineering goes beyond fancy features and conventional agendas – this is engineering that endures, both in style and in sound.