Founded in 1987 by Vince Bruzzese, Totem offers high value matched with high performance. They use well-proven materials, solid manufacturing techniques, and extensive listening practices to build speakers that stand the test of time and move the listener emotionally.

Totem offers an extensive line of speakers – from affordable free-standing speakers to custom installation speakers like on-walls, in-walls, in-ceiling, free-standing subwoofers, on-wall subwoofers, and in-wall subwoofers. This variety solves the challenges presented by many different types of installations, offering streamlined stealth without sacrificing quality. Totem engineers also build their own audio solutions in-house, a feature that sets them apart from most value-oriented manufacturers. Their propriety Torent drivers, for example, are revolutionary in their elimination of crossovers, producing a distortion-free sound that is fluid, pure, and life-like.

Totem is your best choice for affordable speakers made by true pioneers of sound.