Founded 1995, Sim2 Multimedia designs, engineers, and manufactures their projectors in Pordenone, Italy.  In conjunction with a long-term commitment to research and development, Sim2 is constantly identifying and exploiting state-of-the art technologies to manufacture projectors that produce stunning pictures and stand the test of time.

Famous for their high build quality and beautiful industrial design, every part of a Sim2 projector receives careful attention to both function and form.  One look at their exquisite chassis immediately suggests that what is inside is nothing short of ultimate build quality. Sim2 is also a true innovator in the industry, introducing unique solutions with their numerous international patents in optics and electronics  (such as their compact ALPHA-path engine or their video projector focusing system).

With intellectual property in their DNA and a true passion for film behind their manufacturing practices, Sim2 projectors provide unparalleled cinematic experiences.