Founded by Keith Martin more than 15 years ago, this English company makes award-winning power optimization products for hi-fi and home cinema systems. IsoTek was founded with one primary goal: to develop power conditioning products that remove the electrical grid noise which is detrimental to the performance of audio and video systems.  All audio and video signals begin their life as electricity from the power grid.  If this electricity is corrupted, then the signals have no chance to produce quality sound. IsoTek's investment in intensive research has resulted in power conditioning products that greatly improve sound quality and make video displays richer in color and detail. IsoTek not only improves audio video performance, it also delivers unrivaled protection against lightning strikes and power surges. Not all power conditioners are created equal - many poorly designed power conditioners on the market can actually reduce the quality of audio and video. Your AV system is nowhere near its potential without IsoTek.