Founded in 1981 by Andy Payor, Rockport Technologies crafts speakers that capture minute nuances and the complete, raw emotion of the original music event. Each speaker is hand built using the most technologically advanced materials and manufacturing techniques available in the industry.

A truly innovative company that eschews the common manufacturing practice of creating “me-too” products, Rockport Technologies strictly adheres to transcendent engineering and manufacturing techniques.  Their superior molded monocoque enclosures are much less resonant than traditional cabinets; their tweeter diaphragms are made of Beryllium, the least resonant of any metals; and their midrange and woofer diaphragms are made of ultra-high modulus carbon fiber fabric bonded to aero space foam core, resulting in a sound far more precise and pure than can be achieved with other, more commonly used materials. 

This company is also a true stickler for detail – prior to shipping, Andy Payor, owner and chief engineer, finely tunes each speaker personally to match them perfectly as a pair.  As a trusted audio video system dealer and installer, Hi-End Theater and Audio deals only with the most trustworthy brands, and Rockport Technologies is one of the best.