Founded in 1993 by Charles Hansen, Ayre products remove electronic distortions and present music with the utmost realism, musicality, detail, and power. Due to their product reliability and unsurpassed customer support, Ayre products have a very high intrinsic value and pride of ownership. Ayre electronics enjoy one of the longest lifecycles in high-end audio; model changes are rare. When upgrades are necessary, however, this company is famous for making them fair in cost.

Ayre products are carefully hand-assembled in Boulder, Colorado by dedicated technicians. Before a part is used, it is highly scrutinized and rigorously tested to make sure it meets or exceeds strict factory specifications. Off-the-shelf parts and solutions are simply not a part of the equation for Ayre engineers; instead, they design proprietary technologies and search the world for superior parts. Their competitors simply can’t claim that kind of dedication to quality. That’s why Ayre is a world leader in analog and digital circuit design for high-end audio and video equipment.