Founded in 2011 by Harry Lee, Aurender manufactures high performance, high-fidelity music servers. Most music servers on the market start their lives as computers that then get modified to become music servers. In this manufacturing model, customers still end up dealing with a computer and all of its inherent hassles. Aurender's philosophy is to remove the hassles that take away from the enjoyment of computer (file) music.

At Aurender, all engineering and manufacturing is done in-house. Their design process starts with a blank sheet of paper. Everything from circuit design to industrial design is meticulously engineered with a focus on performance and build quality. Through their in-house development, Aurender also created an award-winning iPad app that simplifies access to one’s music library and to streaming services like Tidal, allowing for easy diagnostics and support from Aurender if needed.

Aurender stands for innovation, refined user experience, and impeccable quality.