Founded in 1992 and headquartered in Bloomfield, Connecticut, Salamander Designs was founded with the singular purpose of manufacturing high quality furniture that addresses the needs of audio and video equipment. Their tough aluminum frames stand up to heavy audio video equipment, the internal dimensions of their cabinets are designed to fit most consumer electronics, and their shelves are infinitely adjustable to allow for heights of various equipment. Doors, shelves, and side and rear panels are designed to allow dissipation of heat away from electronics, and doors allow remote controls to work even when they are closed.

Salamander is unique in its ability to customize furniture based on client’s current and future needs. Customers can easily design their own custom racks – or expand on the ones they already have – by visiting Salamander’s website or Hi-End Theater & Audio’s showroom.

Salamander Design does not sacrifice aesthetics for performance – their home theater furniture is high quality, beautiful, and made to last a lifetime.