Shopping for home theater furniture and seating is not like buying a couch or a dining room table. Surround sound and electronics have requirements that traditional furniture simply does not address.

Here are some things we always consider when selecting home theater furniture and seating for your home:

Home theater seating should allow sound from rear speaker channels to arrive at your ear without obstruction – this is why we don’t sell home theater seats with high backs. Additionally, our seats boast fine coil suspensions, robust cushions, and Baltic Birchwood frames for the ultimate in comfort and longevity. Our seating covers are made of supple leather and breathable fabrics that reduce body heat build up (crucial when you plan to sit in one place for several hours!).

Our cabinets and racks are also standardized to accommodate the needs of electronics. Shelf heights are always adjustable to allow for different heights of electronic equipment, and cabinets are designed to dissipate heat, which is the number one enemy of electronic reliability. Our cabinets also allow proper cable management while reducing and dissipating micro resonances that will degrade performance. 

Finally, aesthetics are as important to us as they are to you. We want your media room, man cave, or home theater to be as stylish and attractive as the rest of your home.

Visit Hi-End Theater and Audio’s showroom – we can help you select home theater furniture and seating that will optimize performance without sacrificing style or durability.