I am very much pleased with your work for my home theater system. It was extremely pleasant and professional. You are very clear and very much customer oriented and also precise and honest. I have come across few individuals in my life who are very honest and personable. Please accept my sincere appreciation for your kind help. I would recommend you to my friends without any hesitation.
S. Godavari

Customer service is always priority one. While many may claim that they are “experts” and will sale you anything, Vu focuses on your situation or goal and then helps you consider all possibilities to achieve them. Each experience that I’ve had with Vu and his team over the years have all been outstanding.
James C.

Music is very important to me, and you have made it possible for me to enjoy my favorite hobby at level I never thought possible at my budget. I love visiting your store not only for the wonderfully friendly, relaxed listening atmosphere, but for the depth of knowledge which you so graciously share. Thank you for your friendship, and for guiding me towards a truly exceptional listening experience.
David F.

I have known Vu Phan and have done business with him over the past ten years. Vu has always maintained a good assortment of high-end manufacturers of stereo hardware. Perhaps most importantly, Vu is a very patient, low-pressure salesman of his gear. He has permitted me to listen for extended periods of time to various combinations of hardware over the years; this is a departure from any other audio-video dealer I have ever been exposed to. Vu has also offered well-reasoned advice about hardware, particularly the appropriate combinations of things like amplifiers, speakers, interconnects and cables…I couldn’t be happier with my current home theater-sound system.
Tim H.

Melissa and I have been very satisfied with our media room. Your expertise in establishing a design, given our budget, was thoughtful and very well presented. I was extremely happy with the quality of components you offered…I have and will continue to recommend you to others and as we continue to upgrade our home, Hi-End Audio will be a part of those plans.
Brian P.

On a ‘shopping day’ with my wife I asked to stop by Hi-End and listen to the Rotel RA-12.  She agreed surprising enough… I called ahead and Vu asked about my current system, clarified what he had heard, and then set up a room for us with comparable speakers before we arrived. Vu was patient, informative, and as others have said – no pressure.  Vu asked about what I was looking for, my expectations, setup location and helped educate my wife to some of the finer points of higher end equipment.
A month later I worked with Vu to purchase a Pro-Ject turntable.  Again, he didn’t assume anything and asked enough questions to make sure he understood my needs.  My wife is extremely happy also, and our dates lately include hunting albums at the local music stores….
I can’t speak highly enough about the service and experience at Hi-End.
Jeff W.